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Static-Line Jump Course

Military jumps “of military interest” using a parachute with a hemispherical canopy (so-called “round”) and with automatic opening through a static line, from which this jump type is named after (in Italian: fune di vincolo, FdV), jumping out an aircraft at about 1600 feet AGL.

A.N.P.d’I. is the only association in Italy with an official agreement with the Ministry of Defence, which grants the privilege to organize, for its members, parachuting courses and jumps with a hemispherical parachute – otherwise reserved for the Italian Airborne military troops in active duty (maroon berets) – using military grade training and expertise. Our Jumps are called “of military interest” because the Military Training Center of the Folgore Airborne Brigade keeps track and register each jump of our members.

The course, although aimed at civilians with no previous experience, maintains its military aspect in training and moral style, and it is not easy at all: it is a challenge with oneself. Men and women of all ages can participate – as long as they are members of the Association and in good health state – because in A.N.P.d’I. we make no distinction by age, social status, sex, race or religious faith. Getting to achieve the coveted qualification is the only way to say “I made it!”


Proper exit from aircraft


– 3 recent acceptable photos (i.e. passport photos);

– criminal record certificate, or complete a self-certification form available at the Association;

military and law enforcement officers can provide a declaration of service instead of the above certificate;

– photocopy of a valid identification document;

– payment of the membership fee;


– authenticated signature of the parents exercising legal responsibility (or of the nominated legal guardian), in case the member is under age;

– DECLARATION of fitness to static-line parachuting, issued by a Center of Sports Medicine or by a doctor with specialist knowledge of sports medicine;

underwriting of an INSURANCE POLICY for parachuting (more information at the headquarters);

– payment of Course costs.


The minimum age limit is 16 years, subject to parental consent for minors. It is, as already underlined, mandatory a specific medical certificate that will be illustrated in the office.

The course has a minimum duration of 42 periods (1 period = 50 minutes of training + 10′ rest), divided into 2-3 weekly sessions and is run by highly skilled A.N.P.d’I. FdV parachuting instructors. Attendance is mandatory.

Theoretical and physical training, preparatory to the jumps, takes place at the A.N.P.d’I. office in Naples, usually in the afternoon from 15:00 to 18:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The jumps take place mainly on weekends, with favorable weather conditions only, in an Italian drop zone hosting an A.N.P.d’I. Parachuting School. The Section of Naples, not having at the moment a suitable local skydiving area, will choose the best place to carry out the qualification jumps, in terms of weather, distance, etc.

After 3 successfully completed jumps, the newly qualified paratroopers will receive*:

– certificate of A.N.P.d’I. static-line parachutist qualification

– jump logbook

– annual subscription to the A.N.P.d’I. magazine “Folgore” (named after the Brigata Folgore, the Italian Airborne Brigade)


The course is mainly designed for those who have non-military status and/or dream of jumping out an aircraft for the first time. But we also welcome to military (and law enforcement) partecipants, whether or not former trained parachutist, who want to experience their first jump or to consolidate their parachuting experience.

The qualification certificate is different from the Italian military brevet of Italian Airborne, but they are very similar as it is issued by the Military Commander of the C.A.Par. (Centro di Addestramento Paracadutisti, i.e. Parachute Training Center) of the Folgore Brigade, in Pisa town. It is officially recorded with its own number and wearable on any uniform (for convention the wing badge is the same as the Italian military no-starred one).

Anyway, this experience represents one of the ways – in our opinion the most challenging and rewarding one, even though it’s very hard – to enter the world of parachuting in the broad sense. It will allow to face any subsequent courses – such as, e.g., the static-line (ram-air type) parachuting method or the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) technique – already with a solid expertise and practice of parachute jump.

Last but not least, for those who intend to enlist in the Italian Armed Forces, the A.N.P.d’I. qualification is a title of preference that adds a small score to the ranking.

* Furthermore, in our Section, members can buy the paratroopers’ gym suit, the personalized T-shirt with the “A.N.P.d’I. Napoli” logo, the Crest of the Section, the maroon beret with the Folgore decoration, wing metallic badges, A.N.P.d’I. badges and patches, and various other items.

For further information and details, please contact the Section directly through the following address and numbers:

A.N.P.d’I. Office Section of NaplesPiazza Eritrea 5, 80122 Naples (near to Mergellina) – Tuesday or Friday from 15:00 to 18:00

landline: +390817611392

mobile: +393278384958

– E-mail:

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